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ENOC EN-Cool Engine Coolant

ENOC EN-Cool is an extended life, high quality coolant for year-round use.
It will give excellent protection against Freezing and corrosion to all metals used in the construction of gasoline and diesel engines especially the principle metals iron, copper and aluminum. Formulated from monoethylene glycol and containing selected protection inhibitors, it gives outstanding rust and corrosion protection to all cooling system materials and is fully compatible with flexible hoses and seals.

MEG Concentration Level (%Wt.)
EC 30 / EC 50

• Excellent engine cooling and protection against boiling in summer heat
• A high performance anti-rust and anti-corrosion package which stays effective over extended periods in all modern engines
• Effective protection against cavitation erosion
• Compatibility with rubber and sealing materials
• No harmful nitrites, amines or phosphates
• Effective protection against frost in freezing winter conditions
• Green in color for ease of identification

4 Liter

• Increases the boiling point of water and gives better cooling in the high ambient temperature conditions.
• Suitable for all vehicle makes including aluminum engine construction
• Meets manufacturers requirements as a premixed ethylene glycol and deionised water mixture

ENOC EN-Cool Engine Coolant meets and exceeds the following International specifications:
• BS 6580 (1992)
• ASTM 3306
• JIS 2294